The Queens Rooms - Porthmadog - Wales

House Rules & Information

How is my Room Cleaned?

All surfaces, handles etc are wiped down with an antibacterial solution

Sheets & Towels are washed as required and fresh for each guest. A rotation system is on place so linen is not re-shelved for at least 24 hours

All cutlery and tableware is cleaned by dishwasher

The rooms are no longer cleaned daily during your visit unless required. Dishes can be changed on request & Rubbish (Fresh bags in the drawer) left outside room for collection.

Why is there no Breakfast?

After changes through Covid19, we no longer provide breakfast. However there are breakfast items in your room if you would like to use them.


Everything should be in your room for the duration of your visit, therefore the requirement for a self contained visit. Should you require supplies then they can be obtained from the trolley in the hallway.

Please ensure hands are sanitized before accessing the items!

General Cleanliness

All areas are cleaned/Sanitized on a regular basis. There are hand sanitizers throughout the building for use by all.

All staff have been accredited with a course covering Covid19


Currently under refurbishment so unavailable until May 2022


There isn't one - This is a bar with rooms. The owner, Sian is usually around, however if you have any queries - use the mobile number provided when you arraive.

Some Helpful Information

You will be provided with a help & Info sheet when you arrive, This is usually in the room. The emergency & Fire procedure is on the back of your room door.

No Smoking in any part of the building is both our policy and the LAW - Smoking in the room will accrue a charge as the owner will be very annoyed at having to rid the room of the odour - DON'T DO IT.

We do no Catering. Takeaways are permitted and we are more than happy to point you to some great places to eat in this area. Please note, White bedding does not back a good tablecloth however black towels do (All bedding will be charged for if stained and cannot be saved)

The Building

The Queens Rooms is a freehold sole trader business(Sian Richards) bought in 2017 from a brewery. It does a building issues, We are dealing with them but it is ongoing. The building was built in the 1800's but has not been looked after well for several years before it became ours. Sadly there is no funding available to help with restoration so it needs to pay for itself.

We are trying our best but we can see it is going to take some time. Hopefully if you make further visits you will see the progress that's been made!